Make an Educated Decision – Nonpartisan Politics and News from CQ Press Resources

September 15th, 2008 by Sarah Laleman Ward

With all the campaigning, mudslinging and media bias surrounding the upcoming presidential election in November, how can a person possibly find objective, nonpartisan information on the candidates and the issues?

News media outlets are an option, as is the Internet (Wikipedia et al.), but caveat emptor - major media corporations are businesses funded by people with varying political and ideological agendas.  The news you think is “fair and balanced” may be anything but.  And we all know that anyone can edit Wikipedia, which is great for generating discussions but not so good for maintaining reliability and objectivity.

Fortunately for you, there is a better option.  The CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Electronic Library is an excellent place to research American politics and government, as well as a great place to find in-depth, nonpartisan reporting on current issues.

CQ Electronic Library is comprised of a suite of resources including CQ Researcher, CQ Weekly, CQ Congress Collection, CQ Supreme Court Collection, CQ Public Affairs Collection, and CQ Voting and Elections Collection.

According to the “About” section on the CQ Electronic Library website:

With CQEL, users

    1. may be confident of quality—all content is produced and vetted by scholars, seasoned journalists, and CQ Press editors;
    2. find content and tools to support the entire research process, from identifying a topic, to researching a variety of sources, to developing a bibliography for further research;
    3. access a combination of full-text and analytical database resources, offering an array of data and documents—nineteen different content types in all;
    4. benefit from the balance and judgment of an independent, non-partisan publisher.

You can access CQEL from the Libraries home page by clicking on the Databases link in the left-hand column.  Choose “CQ Electronic Library” from the list.  If you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in using your Hunter user name and password.  Click here for more information about off-campus access to library resources.

Check it out, and decide for yourself.  See you at the polls on November 4!

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  1. Audrey Phillips Says:

    actually, i do not like politics that much because it is a dirty job.-*-

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