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May 2nd, 2011 by Steven Kowalik

Two-week trial access to the complete AskART database (details below) has been established for the Hunter College community.  To access the database from campus, go to:

Trial access is not available from off-campus.

AskART provides complete access to the following information:

·   Information on 250,000 historical and contemporary artists from around the world

·   Artist biographies. We currently have thousands of biographies or inputs from multiple resources.

·  Images of artworks (1.5 million) and multiple images for an artwork where available.

·  Artist photographs or self-portraits

·  Signature examples

·  International Auction Records and More Auction details­ we are hailed for our extensive reporting on large houses as well as small houses that offer artworks at lower price points.    Artworks coming up at auction often have useful information in the hardbound catalogues, such as provenance, important exhibitions, etc., not normally available online. We now provide much of this information in the expanded auction lot reporting. You may click here to view an example.

·   Statistics and graphical analyses of works sold at auction

·   Enhanced search tools that allow you to view all lots from a particular sale

·   Expanded filters that make it easier to search auction lots as well as artworks for sale by artists and dealers

·  Pronunciation Guide, audio guide for hard to pronounce artist names

·   Artist Alerts, timely updates on your favorite artists plus the ability to customize by selecting topics (e.g., artworks for sale, auction info, books)

·   Quick Facts, a snapshot of each American artist’s life and work including mediums, teachers, historical exhibits, etc.

·   Book and periodical references. We have recorded over 20,000 books, exhibition records and periodicals.

·   Museum References. Our database has artist cross reference information to over 2,600 museums, as well as links to the museums’ websites.

·   Exhibitions that are upcoming at museums as well as commercial galleries

·   Discussion board available for contributions of information our members and visitors would be willing to share about the artists.

·   Essays on important art movements and styles

·   Glossary of art terms

Any feedback regarding AskART’s usefulness as it relates to your classes, research and teaching would be most appreciated.  Please send comments to:  <>

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