What can education do for you?

September 9th, 2009 by Sarah Laleman Ward

Today, President Obama addressed schoolchildren nationwide in a speech (the lead up to which caused no small amount of trouble) that encouraged them to work hard, stay in school, not give up on themselves, and put their best effort in to everything they do.

Now, the Department of Education is asking students, aged 13 and above, to submit videos to their contest that address the question: “Why is your education important to fulfilling your dreams?”

So, students of Hunter College – how will your education help you to fulfill your dreams? Enter the contest, and tell us all about it!


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One Response to “What can education do for you?”

  1. Velma Troup Says:

    Education is really a vital field, because every thing in civilization is determined by knowledge. I saw that on a website someplace — a non-profit organization in the Philippines. Teachers strive at their craft (many of them, anyway). But there are a few who appear to have a gift to inspire. My senior high school world history teacher was one of those. She had lived in China as a kid. When she taught in Rockville, Maryland, you could possibly feel the wisdom of all her experience. She didn’t have us memorize dates. Which was the first truly great thing I had been told by a history teacher. What she said next took the subject several magnitudes higher in value. She wanted us to be familiar with the motivations of history — the deeply visceral, human facets of what can somewhat be a deadly dry subject. Jaime Escalante of “Stand and Deliver” fame, dared to dream big. Calculus for the typically dropout crowd? Pushing them to go on to college? Wow. And I have this book called, “Calculus Made Easy,” by Sylvanus P. Thompson, first published in 1910. It’s been through a wide selection of printings all to make a fairly easy subject simple. What can we do to create more teachers who inspire world-changing quality? Einstein once revealed that imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge can present you with the foundation. Imagination may take you to the stars. Don’t our kids deserve better?

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