November 1st, 2010 by Sarah Laleman Ward

I know you are all completely sick and tired of all the political campaign commercials, mailings, advertisements and general overkill this election season. Me too. But guess what? Tomorrow is election day and we will get a blessed reprieve from all of this nonsense, at least for a little while.

I’m writing this brief post to encourage you all to vote in these midterm elections, as citizens of the United States and of New York City. We all complain about politicians and the way things are run in our country/state/city, and one of the best ways you can have an effect on these matters is to exercise your right to vote in your local election. It is my feeling that we earn the right to complain about our government only if we actually participate.

Of course it is too late to register to vote for this election, if you haven’t already. But let this be a reminder to you to register before the next election. Find out how here.

If you are registered, find your polling place here. And if you are into being an informed voter, here’s a list of candidates for this election. Vote for people who support the kinds of legislation that is important to you. With the magic of the internet, information about candidates is a few clicks away.

Be a smart voter, but most importantly, just BE A VOTER!

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