Student Winners of Library Day’s Le Clerc & Millenson Competitions

April 14th, 2008 by Luis Gonzalez

The Library Congratulates Our 2008 Student Winners!

15th Annual Paul LeClerc Competition for Best Research Papers

This competition is divided into three categories, with Barnes & Noble gift certificates of $100 for First Prize and $50 for Second Prize in each category.

100-level Category

1st Prize
Joe Eastman
, New York University and Greenwich Village: A Relationship of Conflict and Compromise (1980 to the Present). Submitted by Prof. Bernadette McCauley. CHC 150.

2nd Prize
Samantha Eggers, Broadway Theaters.
Submitted by Prof. Regina Banks. ENG 120.

Undergraduate Category

1st Prize
Andrew J. Bottomley, All in the Game: Moral Ambiguity and Social Decline in the Wire, Film & Media Studies.
Submitted by Prof. Isabel Pinedo. Film & Media Studies Department, Complex Television Narratives.

2nd Prize
Tiffany Cotier, Heisenberg and the German Atomic Bomb.
Submitted by Prof. Benjamin Hett. HIST 341: Germany Since 1914.

Graduate Category

1st Prize
Jan Postma
, Barnard: Mythologist of Sherman’s Campaign.
Submitted by Prof. Antonella Pelizzari. ARTH 780.97: Photography in the 19th Century.

2nd Prize
Tonya Johnson
, Attribution of Menopause Symptoms to HIV-infected or At-Risk Drug Using Women.
Submitted by Prof. Carol Roye. Nursing, Community Health Master’s Project.

The Charlotte Katz Millenson Competition

This competition, sponsored by The Friends of Hunter College Library, is divided into two categories, with Barnes & Noble gift certificates of $100 for First Prize and $50 for Second Prize.


1st Prize
Ianna Hawkins Owen, for her essay on Call to Home: African Americans Reclaim,
by Carol B. Stack.

2nd Prize
Elke Weiss, for her essay on Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo.


1st Prize
Matt Brennan, for his essay on Grandma Moses: My Life’s History, by Ann Mary Robertson.

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