Documenting the Decade

January 4th, 2010 by Sarah Laleman Ward

The New York Times wants your help in documenting important moments from the past decade as 2009 draws to a close. Follow the link to submit a photo.

From the New York Times website:

Time Magazine called it the “Decade From Hell.” New York Magazine termed it “One Wild Decade.” We want to hear from you. Help us document the decade by picking five important moments from the last 10 years — possible subjects include news or political events, culture and entertainment, business, sports or technology. Send us photos that you have taken that help illustrate those moments, plus short personal essays that explain how they define your decade. Subjects might include signs of the recent recession in your community, an event such as the Sept. 11 attacks or the 2004 tsunami, yourself at the World Series or Olympic Games, or the impact of a recent technical invention on your life.

Some of you were probably only 8 years old when the decade began. What things do you remember the most? When you look back on this first decade of the 2000s, what will you tell your kids and grand-kids?

Thanks to Reference Librarian Jean-Jacques Strayer for bringing this to my attention.

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