Do you suffer from back and or shoulder pain at work, are your eyes tired and strained?

March 24th, 2008 by Ingrid Bonadie-Joseph

At the last Library Staff Development Day Professor Andrew Burgie, Industrial Hygienist and Co-Director at the Center for Occupational & Environmental Health, gave a presentation on some simple things that we can do at work to make it less stressful on our body. Some of the things he mentioned during his talk were as simple as making minor adjustments on our chairs’ height and which are the correct monitor and keyboard positions, the lighting in the work area, is it enough or too much? He covered these and other simple but very common situations where we put unnecessary stress in our bodies when working at our desks or work stations that may cause us pain or physical discomfort.

Professor Burgie has offered to assist anyone from the HC community who may what to contact him with questions related to the topic of ergonomics in the workplace.

Andrew Burgie, M.S.
Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at Hunter College
City University of New York

Below are a couple of links that cover topics on his presentation as well as one site that I found useful, hopefully we can all use a bit of it in our everyday routine. – OSHA’s official website on Computer Workstations – Furniture maker, Steelcase, discusses adjustability of its ergonomic chairs (Although we are not endorsing any particular type of furniture, the furniture website above was one of the few that discussed AND diagramed the method of adjusting their version of an ergonomic office chair. Animated illustrations of chair functionality are also available on the site.) – Ingrid’s pick



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