Silent Study/Group Study Changes at Cooperman

April 9th, 2014 by Sarah Laleman Ward

Since the reopening of the new 3rd floor, we have seen the highest number of users come into The Cooperman Library in its history. With more and more people using the library, space is becoming the major issue. We are getting more and more complaints about noise on quiet and silent floors.  Because of the number of student complaints, the 2nd floor has been made into a silent floor. The library is a place for everyone looking to study or just spend time between classes. A group of librarians and staff have met, gone over all submitted complaints that have come through the suggestion box and electronically, and has decided to better define the types of study we see here at Cooperman.

Beginning after Spring Break [April 22nd], there will only be two types of study floors: silent and group. This will allow users to better understand the spaces they are working in. Any library user who repeatedly violates the rules of conduct will be asked to present their IDs, and could face disciplinary actions.


We understand most of you travel a ways to get here, and are not able to run home between classes. Designating the floors this way is our way of accommodating the down time of two different groups: those who want to study in silence, and those who want to collaborate in groups – both of these groups have a right to be in the library.

Questions? Feedback? Contact us:

Online -

Via text – hunterlib to 66746

In-person – Drop off a written suggestion the Suggestion Box on the 3rd Floor of the Cooperman Library near the Welcome Desk

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3 Responses to “Silent Study/Group Study Changes at Cooperman”

  1. Germond Says:

    This is already a good idea to have separate groups and individuals only. May 1 suggestion that could still bring improved service: groups who want to study should make an appointment with the library. Otherwise several groups will compare and situtation is the same.

  2. Alex Says:

    This is brilliant. The other MAJOR issue is the scarcity of power outlets — it’s terrible.

  3. Alessandro Says:

    I would suggest that the 5 and 6 Should be silent study floors, this way there can be silent study floors on the upper levels of the library that give access to both a men’s and a women’s bathroom. The 7th floor could be made a group study floor, especially if the entrance there is maintained and the computer lab is to remain there.

    I would also suggest that B1 be made a group study floor as the Socrates and Physical Science learning centers are there and as they are group study areas, the conversations in those areas will disturb people trying to work silently. It also puts group study areas in areas on floors that have both a Men’s bathroom and a Women’s bathroom. To replace B1, the fourth floor could be converted into a silent study floor. and the whiteboards and larger tables could be relocated to 1 and B1.

    I agree with Alex, most students study using laptops and there are far to few power outlets in the library.

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