Food & Drink Policy Update

December 16th, 2009 by Sarah Laleman Ward

As of this moment, you are now ALLOWED to bring drinks into the library, provided they are in containers with lids. Food is still prohibited in the library.

While these policies may seem arcane, they are for very good reasons (no, not just to make your lives miserable):

~ Spills can damage books and electronic equipment, not to mention ruin your carefully crafted group project or paper. Bring your drink, but keep a lid on it at the library.

~ Food = rodents.  If you don’t believe that there are rodents on campus, stick around some night after things get quiet and see for yourself. Or read this article from the Hunter Envoy by Melanie Headley.

~ The library is shared space, among 20,000 of your peers, your teachers, your librarians, and more, on a very crowded campus. If you help take care of it, everyone will appreciate it.





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3 Responses to “Food & Drink Policy Update”

  1. Name Says:

    Thanks for the very human explanation of the rules. It’s much preferred to the unapproachable, generic “because we said so” attitude.

  2. Silvestre Says:

    This new policy includes the Zabar Art Library on the 16th floor of the north building?

  3. Sarah Says:

    @silvestre: I believe the Zabar Art Library is an exception, due to the nature of the materials in that library. But I will check and get back to you.

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