For those about to rock…

July 26th, 2010 by Sarah Laleman Ward

…we can help you with your research!

We have a 30-day trial to a new online resource, Rock’s Back Pages. They call themselves “the ultimate archive of rock journalism” with thousands of articles from the 1950s forward.

In addition to interviews with and profiles of a huge variety of artists from the past 60 years, Rock’s Back Pages also includes audio of interviews with singers, songwriters, photographers and many more.

This resource has the potential interest for folks in various disciplines: music (of course), media, journalism, pop culture and more.

The trial runs through mid-August, so if you want to explore the site you can log in during the trial at the website ( using the following:

username: hunterlibrary

password: access

If you do check it out, let us know what you think by posting in the comments here. What was the coolest item you found? Should we add this to our collection of databases?

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One Response to “For those about to rock…”

  1. Lisa George Says:

    Short term trials of databases are extremely useful for faculty. More databases and data access of this sort is valued and should be pursued by the library wherever possible.

    From the perspective of my research, the Rock’sBackpages data archive does not describe criteria for inclusion well enough for sound empirical research. For example, I would like to compare the amount of coverage and artists covered by different different daily newspapers across the US. However I cannot properly do this if I can’t make a list of ALL the articles written on a topic across papers. This database gives me a sample, but I cannot definitevly say that one paper covers “more” of a genre than other.

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