New Books Received at the Health Professions Library, April 2010

May 3rd, 2010 by John Carey

Biochemistry/ Mark K. Campbell, Shawn O. Farrell. 6th Ed, Brooks Cole Cengage Learning. QD415.C36 2008 Reserve

Advanced Critical Care Nursing/ Carlson, Karen. Saunders. RT 120 .I5 A13 2009. Reserve

Clinical Infectious Disease/ Schlossberg, David. Cambridge University Press. RC 111 .C562 2008.

Red Book: Pharmacy’s Fundamental Reference. Thomas Reuters. RM 301.12 .R4x 2009. Reference

Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs/ Virani, Adil. 18th Ed, Hogrefe. QV 77 C6413 2009. Reference

Pediatric Nursing Care Plans: For the Hospitalized Child/ Axton, Sharon. 3rd Ed, Pearson Prentice Hall. RJ 245 .A885 2009. Reserve

Immunology and Serology in Laboratory Medicine/ Turgeon, Mary. 4th Ed, Mosby Elsevier. RB 46.5 .T87 2009

Theory and Practice of Histological Techniques/ Bancroft, John. 6th Ed, Churchill Livingstone Elsevier. QM 556 .T48 2008

Public Health Administration: Principles for Population-Based Management/ Mays, Glen. 2nd Ed, Jones and Bartlett Publishers. RA 425 .P83 2008. Reserve

Clinically Oriented Anatomy/ Agur, Anne. 6th Ed, Wolters Kluwer. QS 4 M822c 2010.

Creasy & Resnik’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Principles and Practice/ Creasy, Robert. 6th Ed, Saunders Elsevier. RG 526 .M34 2009.

The Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Medicine/ Joiner-Bey, Herb. 2nd Ed, Churchill Livingstone Elsevier. RZ 440 .P548 2008. Reserve

ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription/ 8th Ed, American College of Sports Medicine. RM 725 .A48 2010. Reference

Practice of Geriatrics/ Duthie, Edmund. 4th Ed, Saunders Elsevier. RC 952 .P64 2007

Applied Survival Analysis: Regression of Modeling Time-to-Event Data/ Hosmer, David. 2nd Ed, Wiley-Interscience. R 853 .S7 H67 2008. Reference

The Biology of Human Longevity: Inflammation, Nutrition, and Aging in the Evolution of Lifespans/ Finch, Caleb. Elsevier. QP 85 .F466 2007

Nurse to Nurse: Evidence Based Practice Expert Interventions/ Larrabee, June. McGraw Hill. RT 84.5 .L37 2009

Geriatric Bioscience/ Hamerman, David. The Johns Hopkins University Press. RC 952 .H247 2007

Medical Error and Patient Safety: Human Factors in Medicine/ Peters, George. CRC Press. R 729.8 .P44 2008

Towards the Healthy City/ Corburn, Jason. The MIT Press. RA 566.7 .C673 2009

Preclinical Speech Science/ Hixon, Thomas. Plural Publishing Inc. QP 306 .H59 2008

The End of Overeating/ Kessler, David. Rodale. QP 141 .E467 2009

Just Like Us/ Thorpe, Helen. Scribner. F 784 .D49 M58 2009

The Many Ways We Talk About Death in Contemporary Society/ Souza, Margaret. The Edwin Mellen Press. HQ 1073 .M363 2009

Health Care, Politics, Policy, and Services: A Social Justice Analysis/ Almgren, Gunnar. Springer Publishing Company. RA 395 .A3 A4795 2007

Mosby’s Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference/ Pagana, Kathleen. 9th ed. Mosby Elsevier 2009. R 838.2 .P337 2009 (Reference)

The End of Food/ Roberts, Paul. Houghton Mifflin Company 2008. Hd 9000.5 . R578 2008.

The Voice and Voice Therapy(w/ CD)/ Boone, Daniel. 8th ed. RF 540 . B66 2010

Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating/ Bittman, Mark. Simon and Schuster 2008. RA 784 .B55 2008

Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests/ Kee, Joyce. Pearson 2010. RT 48.5 .K44 2010

Assessments in Occupational Therapy Mental Health: An Integrative Approach/ Hemphill-Pearson, Barbara. 2nd ed. Slack 200. RC 487 .A87 2008

Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged/ Watson, Ronald. 4th ed. CRC Press 2009. QP 86 .C7 2009.

Methods in Social Epidemiology/ Oakes, J. Michael. Kaufman, Jay. Jossey-Bass. RA 418 .M48 2008.

Basic Nursing: Essentials for Practice (w/CD)/ Potter, Patricia. Perry, Anne. 6th Ed. Mosby Elsevier. RT 41 .P84 2007

Clinical Hematology and Fundamentals of Hemostasis/ Harmening, Denise. 5th Ed. F.A. Davis Company.

Atlas of Common Pain Syndromes (w/CD)/ Waldman, Steven. 2nd Ed. Saunders Elsevier. RB 127 .W347 2008. Reference

Medical Physiology/ Boron, Walter. Boulpaep, Emile. 2nd Ed. Saunders Elsevier. QP 34.5 .B65 2009. Reference

Chronic Illness: Impact and Intervention/ Larsen, Pamala. Lubkin, Ilene. 7th Ed. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. RC 108 .L83 2009

Practical Sports Nutrition/ Burke, Louise. Human Kinetics. TX 361 .A8 B89 2007

Clinical Chemistry: Techniques, Principles, Correlations/ Bishop, Michael. Fody, Edward. Schoeff, Larry. 6th Ed. Wolters Kluwer Health. RB 40 .C576 2010

Medical Cell Biology (w/CD)/ Goodman, Steven. 3rd Ed. Elsevier. QH 581.2 .M43 2008

Pediatric Audiology: Diagnosis, Technology, and Management (w/CD)/ Flexer, Carol. Madell, Jane. Thieme. RF 291.5 .C45 P434 2008

Community Health Nursing: Promoting & Protecting the Public’s Health/ Allender, Judith. Rector, Cherie. Warner, Kristine. 7th Ed. Wolters Kluwer Health. RT 98 .S68 2010

Palliative Care and Supportive Oncology/ Berger, Ann. Shuster, John. Roenn, Jamie. 3rd Ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. RC 271 .P33 P75 2007

Bate’s Guide to a Physical Examination and History Taking (w/CD)/ Bickley, Lynn. 10th Ed. Wolters Kluwer. RC 76 .B38 2009

Fundamentals of Nursing (w/ CD)/ Craven, Ruth. Hirnle, Constance. 6th Ed. Wolters Kluwer. RT 41 .C86 2009

Speech Management of Sensorimotor Speech Disorders/ McNeil, Malcolm. 2nd ed. Thieme 2009. RC 424.7 .C576

Applied Therapeutics: The Clinical Use of Drugs/ Koda-Kimble, Mary 9th ed. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. RM 262 .A65 2009. (Reference)

Medical Toxicology of Natural Substance: Food, Fungi, Medicinal Herb, Plants, and Venomous Animals/ Barceloux, Donald. Wiley2008. RA 1211 .B285 2008

Food Allergy: Adverse Reactions to Foods and Food Additives/ Metcalfe, Dean. 4th ed. Blackwell Publishing 2008. RC 596 .F6543 2008

Mosby’s Complementary & Alternative Medicine: A Research-Based Approach/ Freeman, Lyn. 3rd ed. Mosby Elsevier 2009. R 733 .F743 2009

PDR for Nutritional Supplements/ Hendler, Sheldon. 2nd ed. Thomas Reuters. RM 671. A1 P482 2008

Clinical Electrophysiology/ Robinson, Andrew. Snyder-Mackler, Lynn. 3rd ed. Wolters Kluwer. RM 872 .S68 2008

An Evidence-Based Approach to Dietary Phytochemicals/ Higdon, Jane. Thieme. QP 144 .V44 H54 2007 Reference

Essentials of Stem Cell Biology/ Lanza, Robert. 2nd ed. Elsevier. QH 581.2 .E79 2006

Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation/ Stein, Joel. Demosmedical. RC 388.5 .S38543 2009 (Reference)

The Sports Medicine Resource Manual/ Beutler, Anthony. Seidenberg, Peter. Saunders Elsevier. RC 1210 .S43 2008 (Reference)

Food Science and Technology/ Campbell-Platt, Geoffrey. Wiley-Blackwell. TP 370 .F629 2009

Atlas of Orthopedic Pathology (w/cd)/ Adler, Claus-Peter. Sim, Franklin. Et al. 3rd ed. Saunders Elsevier. RC 930 .A85 2008 Reference

Introduction to Food Science/ Parker, Rick. Delmar. TP 370 .P33 2003

Oxford Textbook of Public Health V1/ Beaglehole, Robert. 5th Ed. Oxford. RA 425 09 2009 v.1. Reference

Oxford Textbook of Public Health V2/ Beaglehole, Robert. 5th Ed. Oxford. RA 425 09 2009 v.2. Reference

Oxford Textbook of Public Health V3/ Beaglehole, Robert. 5th Ed. Oxford. RA 425 09 2009 v.3. Reference

Clinical Hematology and Fundamentals of Hemostasis/ Harmening, Denise. 5th Ed. F.A. Davis Company. RB 145 .C536 2009

Clinical Tuberculosis/ Barnes, PF. 4th Ed. Hodder Arnold. RC 311 .C655 2008

Bending Science: How Special Interests Corrupt Public Health Research/ McGarity, Thomas. Wagner, Wendy. Harvard University Press. RA 440.87 .U6 M24 2008

Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome / Codario, Ronald. Humana Press. RC 662.18 .C63 2005

The Shoulder V 1(w/CD)/ Masten, Frederick. 4th Ed. Saunders Elesevier. RC 939 .S484 2009 v.1

The Shoulder V 2(w/CD)/ Masten, Frederick. 4th Ed. Saunders Elesevier. RC 939 .S484 2009 v.2

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