PROJECT CENSORED Releases Book on the Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2009-10

September 9th, 2010 by David Donabedian


Project Censored’s Censored 2011: The Top Censored Stories of 2009-2010 will be released on September 15th. As in the past, the new volume covers a range of news stories that have been under-reported and passed over by the corporate media. True to its vision of creating dialog in the press and providing access to hitherto unknown information, the work of Project Censored embodies “Media Democracy in Action.” To find out more about this year’s edition visit Project Censored on the web.

Project Censored aims to “teach students and the public about the role of a free press in a free society – and to tell the News That Didn’t Make the News and Why.” The organization defines “modern Censorship as the subtle yet constant and sophisticated manipulation of reality in our mass media outlets. On a daily basis, censorship refers to the intentional non-inclusion of a news story – or piece of a news story – based on anything other than a desire to tell the truth. Such manipulation can take the form of political pressure (from government officials and powerful individuals), economic pressure (from advertisers and funders), and legal pressure (the threat of lawsuits from deep-pocket individuals, corporations, and institutions).” For further information on Project Censored see this overview.

 According to Mickey Huff, Associate Professor of history and social science at Diablo Valley Junior College, associate director of Project Censored and co-editor of the above mentioned Censored 2011, such manipulation has led to “a literal truth emergency.”  Indeed, “an international truth emergency, now in evidence, is the result of fraudulent elections, compromised 9/11 investigations, illegal preemptive wars, and continued top down corporate media propaganda across the spectrum on public issues.” In addition, Huff asserts that “the health of any democracy can be diagnosed by the degree to which information flows freely in the culture. Anything that interferes with that free flow of information is a form of censorship, which acts to derail, distort, and deny the efficacy of any true democratic experiment.”

 On his blog, Huff challenges the current state of the media and its lack of accountability when he says, “the media, the supposed free press, should be encouraging robust dialogues while fighting for the future of all Americans, not just for the insurance companies, banks, big pharma, and the military industrial complex.” 

 Read The Daily Censored: Underreported News and Commentary and Project Censored’s Media Freedom International: Media Democracy in Action.

 Listen to Mickey Huff Interviewed on The Progressive Radio News Hour.

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