ILLiad: Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loan Service

October 18th, 2011 by David Donabedian

In April of 2010, the Hunter College Libraries introduced its new patron-initiated interlibrary loan service, ILLiad, which has met with wide acclaim.  The new service is greatly appreciated by faculty as it offers several advantages over the previous ILL system. One advantage of the software is that Hunter patrons have the privilege of submitting their ILL requests directly. Moreover, ILLiad allows patrons to access their ILL accounts remotely and check on the status of any of their requests, request renewals, etc. ILLiad has also replaced the former paper Faculty Duplicating Request Form with an online version, thereby making it easier for faculty to submit requests.

Concurrently with the launch of ILLiad, the Libraries extended interlibrary loan service to undergraduates. This has resulted in a 240% increase in ILL articles supplied.

Recently the Hunter Libraries has taken the latest step in the implementation of the ILLiad system, joining the New York Information Delivery Service (IDS) resource sharing network and benefiting from its shared resources. This has further strengthened services by speeding up ILL processing. Software employed by IDS checks automatically for items owned by Hunter or other CUNY libraries. It is estimated that 20% of ILL borrowing requests will not require any processing by the Hunter ILL staff.

 Have questions about using ILLiad to best advantage? Contact David Donabedian at or Jocelyn Berger-Barrera at


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