Student Employment at Hunter College Libraries: General Rules and Code of Conduct

Student Employment at Main Library

General Rules and Code of Conduct

  1. The first pay period will be a minimum of 4 weeks after beginning your employment.  After that you will be paid every second Thursday
  1. Time sheets are due every two weeks.  The time sheet is an official document, you must sign it when you start your shift and sign out at the end of your shift.  It must be accurate.
  1. If you cannot continue your employment, you must give your supervisor at least one-week notice.
  1. You are expected to report to work on time.  If for any reason you are not coming in or expect to be late, you must call (212)772-4146 or (212) 772-4178
  1. Library employees are expected to give courteous service to all patrons.  When asked by patrons to solve complicated problems or questions regarding using the computer terminals you should direct them to the Reference Desk on Floor floor 3 icon.
  1. You are permitted to take one break with pay during your work period according to the following schedule:
    1. Less than 3 hours                no break
    2. 3 hour work period               10 minute break
    3. 4 hours period                      15 minute break
    4. 5 hours work period             20 minute break

If your work shift is more than 5 hours New York State law requires that you take a 30-minute break.  This is not a break pay, and it must be indicated in your time sheet.

  1. Students assigned to microforms should inform the Reference Desk they are taking a break and an expected time of return.
  1. There is to be no eating in the microforms area (under any circumstances).  The staff lounge (Floor 1, Room E112) is the only area of the Library where eating is permitted.
  1. Inattention to details, failure to follow directions and procedures, failure to perform work as requested, failure to report to work, and falsification of work records or time sheets are grounds for dismissal.