Library Reference Department

The librarians at the Reference Desk (Floor 4 of the Main Library) offer help with any question, using the full-range of print materials, electronic databases, catalogs, indexes, full-test journals, e-books, online encyclopedias, directories and data.  Reference librarians can advise in the selection of the most appropriate databases for any given topic and instruct in their use and are also available for one-on-one appointments.

Reference Faculty and Staff

Reference Desk Phone:  212-772-4187

Ingrid Bonadie-Joseph, aHEO, Coordinator, Library Computer Learning Centers, 212-650-3732

Jonathan Cain, Assistant Professor, Reference Librarian, 212-772-4188

Tony Doyle, Associate Professor, Reference/Instructional Librarian, 212-772-4181

Hal Grossman, Assistant Professor, Reference/Instructional Librarian, 212-772-4608

Mee-Len Hom, Assistant Professor, Reference/Instructional Librarian, 212-772-4182

Danise Hoover, Associate Professor, Associate Librarian for Public Services, 212-772-4190

Sarah Laleman Ward, Assistant Professor, Outreach Librarian, 212-772-4108

Jean-Jacques Strayer, Assistant Professor, Deputy Head, Reference, 212-772-4183

Philip Swan, Associate Professor, Interim Head of Research and Instruction, 212-396-6733

Patricia Woodard, Assistant Professor, Reference/Instructional Librarian, Services for Students w/ Disabilities, 212-650-3653