Library Mission

The Hunter library serves the faculty and students by supporting the educational goals of the college as stated in the College's Mission Statement.

The primary goal of the library is to provide students with broad access to a variety of learning materials, and to provide the faculty with comprehensive and timely access to research materials. As financial circumstances permit, the library strives to open up for the student new avenues for independent study, and to increase and strengthen the resources in the research areas in which the Hunter faculty is engaged. The library also extends its services, where possible, to alumni and the neighboring community.

The library, while maintaining and increasing the traditional strengths of the Hunter collection, enriches it with systematic acquisitions of multicultural materials reflecting the multi-ethnic composition of the college.

Aware of the new developments in information technology which affect the educational process, the library aims to provide easy access to world-wide information and research resources through computer work stations and electronic communication links.

To promote the most effective use of available resources, the library conducts a broad instructional program for all its users through classroom teaching support, workshops and individualized assistance as well as through a systematic publication program, exhibits and displays.

To ensure the highest quality of service, the library encourages constant upgrading of substantive knowledge and management skills of its faculty and systematic training of its support staff.

United in a common goal, the library maintains close cooperation with its partners in the educational enterprises of the college--the faculty, students, and administration.