Hunter College in the Bronx, 1928-1931

Italian Club Activities of Hunter College, 1928

Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, 1964

The enclosed sheets are a sample of the writings taken from Hunter College's "Healing Walls" during the two weeks following the September 11th tragedy.
Healing Walls, v.1
Healing Walls, v.2
Healing Walls, v.3

Lennox Hill Neighborhood Scrapbook, Box 92, Press Clippings, 1948 - 1955
Lennox Hill, Volume 1
Lennox Hill, Volume 2
Lennox Hill, Volume 3

Alumni Association of Hunter College, Box 184, Press Clippings from the establishment of the Normal College/Hunter College to Late 1920s
Alumni Association, Box 184, Volume 1
Alumni Association, Box 184, Volume 2
Alumni Association, Box 184, Volume 3