Finding Materials on Reserve

Using ERes to Find Reserve Desk Items

Sometimes a catalog search, even in the CUNY Course Reserve section of the catalog, will not show an item that is held at the Reserve Desk. Many items at the Reserve Desk are personal items that are provided by the course professor. Videos, DVDs, articles, as well as books, may fall into this category.

The Reserves staff needs the location and call number to find the item. The instructor’s name, or course information, may not be sufficient. If a search in the CUNY Course Reserve finds nothing, try searching in the Docutek ERes system. All Reserve items are now comprised within.

To use the Docutek ERes System to locate Reserve items:


Titles are always provided, while author(s) may, or may not have been. Title searches are best. Be careful when typing. The inclusion of an additional space between words will result in a message like this - Warning! Your search returned zero results. Please adjust your search parameters and try again.  – This will occur even if the item is in the Reserve collection.

A successful search will yield a results screen like the one below.

Select the Course Number for the desired item on the list.

Look for the desired item and select it.

A record like the one below should appear, containing the Reserve item's identifying information.

The Reserves call number, for personal items, will include the professor’s name. This will be used to retrieve the item from the Reserves Room.

If the item is in the catalog, a link will be provided to the relevant catalog record and reveal the library’s holdings and the item’s call number.  The location of the item will be noted as something like the following:

Hunter Reserve - Reserve, 2nd Floor 
Hunter Reserve - Text Reserves, 2nd floor